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If you do not like the equipment, we accept the return of the equipment and refund the total value of the product.

You have up to 7 days, after receiving the equipment, to evaluate if you liked the product.

Recognizing the importance of ensuring consumer satisfaction, our company establishes a return policy that prioritizes convenience, transparency and fairness for all customers.

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

At the foundation of our return policy is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that despite our efforts to provide quality products, situations may arise where a customer wishes to return an item. Our company welcomes these circumstances with understanding and readiness to resolve any issue quickly and efficiently.

Transparency and Clarity:

Transparency is a fundamental principle in our returns policy. All conditions and procedures related to product returns are clearly communicated to customers at the time of purchase and are also available on our website and in our physical stores. There is no fine print or ambiguous terms; We aim to ensure that our customers know exactly what to expect when returning a product.

Simplified Process:

We value our customers' convenience and therefore seek to make the returns process as simple and straightforward as possible. Our customers can return products both in our physical stores and through our online system, and we offer several refund or exchange options depending on the customer's preferences and specific situation.

Equity and Respect:

In all interactions with customers, our team is committed to acting with fairness and respect. We understand that each return situation is unique and we treat each customer with empathy and consideration. Our goal is to resolve any issue fairly and satisfactorily for all parties involved.

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