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Helicopter Quality Policy


  • ​Execute the company's general standardized procedures and suggest even simpler and more efficient procedures;

  • Understand the root of a non-conformity and address solution suggestions;

  • Record day-to-day information and tasks only in tools for official corporate use and always in the sequence they must be followed, never on random pieces of paper or post-it notes;

  • The sector's activities should not be carried out in random order, only in the sequence defined by standard procedures and managers, as the activities you develop are connected with activities in other sectors;

  • Provide services and manufacture quality products in compliance with applicable legal requirements;

  • With Organization, Definition and Execution, we deliver efficiency, reliability and quality to our customers.


  • Product Quality

  • Clients satisfaction

  • Traceability of Parts and Processes

  • Good Organizational Climate

  • Continuous Improvement

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