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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Privacy Policy aims to inform and clarify how Aeromob treats your personal data in accordance with the General Personal Data Protection Law (Brazil Federal Law No. 13,709, of 2018 or, simply, LGPD) and with the laws applicable to privacy, confidentiality and protection of personal data.

WHAT ARE THE MAIN PRODUCTS OFFERED ▪ We offer a wide range of high quality products that the industry demands, specially designed to meet the specific needs of helicopter aviation. This includes stairs for people with reduced mobility and VIPs. Tow bars certified to tow all models of helicopters with fixed skis and helicopter maneuvering wheels, among others.

HOW LONG TO START PRODUCT DELIVERY? ▪ We make your new equipment available for the carrier to pick up the next day or at the next available delivery position according to the week's order flow. Regarding shipping, if the buyer wishes, we will provide a shipping quote and follow-up until delivery, to any country.

RETURN AND REFUND POLICY ▪ If you don't like the equipment, we accept the return of the equipment and refund the total value of the product ▪ You have up to 7 days, after receiving the equipment, to evaluate whether you like the product.

HOW CAN I OBTAIN TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR PURCHASED PRODUCTS? We offer dedicated technical support to assist our customers with questions or problems related to purchased parts. Please contact our customer service for assistance.

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