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Fiber Carbon Ladder


Find out why aircraft manufacturers did not provide accessibility for their helicopters.

You have probably already come across a flight operation in which an elderly man had difficulty getting onto the aircraft, or even a woman wearing heels who felt the risk of hurting herself while descending from the helicopter. The loss goes beyond the lack of safety, these passengers will probably avoid using a helicopter in the future, as they felt real discomfort both when meeting the aircraft and when leaving and sometimes this even happens in a very conscious and decisive way in the mind of the passenger.








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The limitation of accessibility for people with reduced mobility in helicopters was a problem that reduced the target audience and restricted the versatility of the helicopter exclusively for people with total mobility or on stretchers with no mobility at all.

But why manufacturers didn't provide accessibility to such an important audience and even with great commercial potential, the answer is even more rhetorical than we can imagine, there simply wasn't a solution that could deliver the necessary accessibility with the essential characteristics, of extreme lightness, flame-retardant material and ergonomic dimensions for disembarking that matched the dimensions required to be taken on board.

But why wasn't this product developed sooner? Carbon fiber is a very strong and light material, however for distributed pressures. If you apply a specific force, such as tightening a screw, to the carbon fiber, you will see it cracking easily.
Disembarking, which is the most critical moment in terms of ergonomics for the passenger and also the moment of greatest concentrated force applied punctually on each step, prevented the construction of a lightweight piece with such a shape and type of resistance.

The development carried out by Aeromob in new manufacturing processes for carbon fiber parts, combined with the constructive design achieved, made it possible to deliver to the market a part with a high accessibility value.

Sick or injured people, those with obesity, women in dresses, are important users of our helicopters and this new part developed is making flight operations more accessible and safer, resulting in passengers who are more connected and satisfied with helicopter operations.

The Aeroladder, the only carbon fiber ladder for helicopters, was developed and patented by Aeromob to bring versatility not only to helicopter missions but also to their passengers. Consult distributors in your region to find out more and also have your operation more inclusive and complete.

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